Life in itself is full of several needs; what to eat and wear, where to dwell or spend the next holiday, how to make more money and spend it, and so on, however, there is a desire and longing for a higher being and power that we all carry on the inside of us. The need to access something greater seems to consciously or unconsciously drive our daily desires. We set very high ambitions believing to earn more pay only to discover that the more we earn, the more we spend. We build a prestigious career and work our hats off; yet ‘enough’ is a word never to be mentioned, we shop till we nearly drop; yet nothing to wear, seek for friendship; yet need to socialize and the list is endless. There is surely hunger for something beyond what we can see.

The bible in Ecclesiastes 3:11 teaches that “he has set eternity in our hearts” which means that we are designed to seek after God, anything outside this leaves us yearning continually. ‘When we find Him’, we then reach a level of satisfaction that can neither be found elsewhere nor can it be matched, and we experience a great level of peace within. “But why ‘seek’ God when He is not lost?” You ask.

We seek to find God, not because He is lost or far from us, in fact, Acts 17:27 states that ‘He is not far from each one of us’. We seek for Him because the lesser seeks the greater, and while he doesn’t depend on us, we His creatures depend on Him for our daily supply of life; the breath of our nostrils. He is self-sufficient and doesn’t depend on us for anything. He made us and not the other way round hence, he doesn’t depend on our worship either. Luke 19:14 tells us that ‘He is able to raise up stones’ for this reason should we choose not to do so. This is the extent of His sovereignty.
He made all that we can see and call nature today and set their boundaries such that they never function apart from it. He also determines the times and seasons of His creation which cannot be changed. so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though
He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’
Acts 17:27 & 28

You might think you don’t need Him or you have survived this long without Him and have even succeeded in making a name for yourself. I once had that thought until I experienced the peace I now found in Him. you don’t know the potency of a thing by looking at it from afar until you actually give it a try. I have lived without Him for many years and can tell that the level of
peace, joy, and hope I now experience in Him can not be found in any other. I lived many years without Him in darkness and torment. They were my worst years. Since knowing Him, my life has changed for the better. The privilege we enjoy by being able to approach Him directly and as a friend is far beyond what words can explain, let alone the promise of life eternal with Him after we leave this world. Let me give you an illustration.

An illustration

I like to sew as a side hobby. On this day, I took to my machine to make some fabrics I’d just
bought, only to discover that it was faulty. As the manual was nowhere within sight, the internet
was my next point of call. Having tried all troubleshooting ideas found online

and nothing working, I now only had three options to explore; I could either forget about my
machine and ditch the idea of sewing [perhaps buy a new one, when I could afford it], or, take it
to a repairer shop who may not even be specialized in the exact brand and end up making it worse,
or, I could call the manufacturer of the product and arrange for it to be fixed. The manufacturer’s
warranty offered the exact help I needed, at no extra cost; it stated that ‘they would fix all
faults or replace it with a brand new one should the fault not be fixed’.
If I chose not to notify my manufacturer, it would be to my detriment. They may never become aware
that my machine needed fixing; on the other hand, they would not object to fixing it should I
notify them. Just as I would benefit immensely from calling them, likewise, inviting God into our
lives would change us greatly and would evidently always be to our advantage.

The manufacturer’s warranty

When He made us, our heavenly Father left us a manual which included details of our warranty and
how to contact Him and remain in sync with him. This warranty is His Word. it includes
everything we need to know about us being the product; His Will, plan and purpose for us. He
does not only expect our calls when we are in need but He wants to have a regular fellowship
with us. This is why His Spirit will live in any one who accepts Him. If we stay connected to
God through His Spirit, we would draw all the strength needed to remain relevant throughout
our life span. However, God does not apply force but allows us the freewill of choosing whether or
not we want to connect with Him. He gave each and every one of us the ability to make choices, even
though we

might sometimes make ones that are a detriment to our own lives and future just as seeking help
in other places aside from the producer of my product would do. Just as my manufacturer was the
best place to take my machine because they produced it in the first place and know exactly what it
needs to functions back again and if i decided to take it elsewhere, I may end up
compounding the problem likewise, taking our lives elsewhere other than to God, our
manufacturer, we may never discover the perfect healing that can be found in Him.

Mini conclusion

Though God is near us, we must express our desire to have Him in our hearts and lives by
deliberately and genuinely inviting Him in. This is part of the freewill we have and which is
respected by the Creator Himself. Many times, we grope around before finally giving in to Him.
While blindly seeking satisfaction in our daily activities or ambitions, we discover that true and
lasting satisfaction is in no other than the Creator, we then submit to Him. The good news is that
He is all ready to accept us when we return to him in genuine repentance. See 2 Chronicles 7:14 and
Psalms 145:18.
Part 2 will talk about ‘How to seek Him’.

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